Twisting the Conga!

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Tony once again delivers a series of amazing new designs that is sure to blow peoples minds.

The Twisting the Conga video series comes loaded with several amazing, larger than life balloons that adults and children will both love.

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Tony's Newest Video is now available!


Tony Twist’s - Real World Wow

Most balloon artists focus on 260 style balloons. Using these, they learn to make just about anything you can imagine. The problem is there is a point where everything starts to look too similar. The work and skill are amazing, but the result somehow ends up feeling unexciting.

Many twisters, new and old, have gotten to this point and have no idea where to go from there. Often they look to new shapes and sizes to try to come up with something that is truly new and unique. The problem is, most twisters have no idea how to work with 350’s and even fewer have any clue how to handle a 646.

Tony has developed an amazing series of videos that will walk both new and experienced balloon twisters through using these large balloons.

Tony’s videos do a lot more than just teach you new designs. He creates a progressive foundation that builds concepts over concepts. As you watch his videos you will find yourself coming up with new ideas and new ways to use his designs.

This is the power of Tony’s technique…. Not only will you learn some amazing designs that have never been seen before, but you will rekindle that spark which made you love twisting in the first place.

Real World Wow - Volume 1
Take your first steps into the world of larger balloons with Tony's Real World Wow - Volume 1. In this series you will learn several amazing designs that will lay the foundation for creating awe inspiring balloons.


Alient Hat Angry Bird Batmobile
Cockatoo F-1 Car Butterfly Jumbo Fish
Princess Red Arrow Jet Riding Monster

Real World Wow - Volume 2 : Embracables
The latest concept from Tony Twist is tried and tested at parties and events. Embraceables have the wow factor, using 646s the easy way.


Monkey Cow Elephant Rabbit
Chicken Bear Dog Cat
Hippo Dessert Bird Reindeer Santa

Real World Wow - Volume 2 : Embracables Part 2
More Embraceable's that have the wow factor, using 646s the easy way. great new designs


Pig Frog Pokemon Olaff
Devil Green Dragon Owl Lion
Scrooby Dog Tiger

Real World Wow - Volume 3 : Loop The Loop
This template uses is Ideal for line work and events where you want to make maximum impact - fast. Tried and tested in the field at every kind of event, this structure can be used for a huge variety of different creatures, as a hat, wristsble, or as a display piece. This technique brings simplicity and speed to designs that will fire your imagination.


Devil Panda Alien Pig
Chipmonk Mouse Fox Koala

Twisting the Conga
Tony Twist's latest design concept will really make your party or event truly unforgettable. Once again Tony has created a Larger Than Life, Super Fun, and Versatile Template to get everyone up and dancing. Tony's instructions, are easy to follow as he shows you step by step how to create the Sculpture Template. Tony will then show you a number of design variations, so you can custom design your own CONGA CREATION! You will just love this totally new way to have fun with join the line and download your copy now.