About Tony Twist

Creating Memorable Events

Who is Tony Twist?

Tony Twist is one of the best balloon artists and entertainers in the world. His unique design style delivers a wow factor like no other. His balloon creations amaze not only children but also adults of all walks of life. Watching Tony work, you will find yourself repeatedly saying, “Wow, I have never seen that before.”

His design style and skill, coupled with his warm personality and irresistible charm almost guarantees any event he is a part of will be unforgetable. Tony is the kind of guy you just instantly like and want to spend times with. This is the reason balloon twisters around the world turn to Tony to help advance their craft.

Tony Twist is not only one of the world’s leading balloon artists. He is also a teacher and mentor to other great balloon artists around the globe.

Tony has traveled the world bringing smiles through his balloon work. Based in the UK, he has traveled to Europe, Dubai, Kuwait, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Abu Dhabi and USA working with clients from all walks of life including some big name celebrities.

What is balloon twisting?

Balloon modelling or balloon twisting is the shaping of special modelling balloons into almost any given shape. Balloon twisting has come a long way since the first poodle was twisted. Nowadays, creating anything from cartoon parodies to giant spaceships. Balloon twisting as an art form is usually associated with the entertainment industry and many performers can wow audiences with their balloon creations and routines. Balloon sculptures is very rewarding.